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Conditions of Cartage

Conditions of Cartage
  1. Cooper’s Couriers hereinafter referred to as ‘the carrier’ which expression will include its servants, agents and subcontractors is not a Common Carrier and will accept no liability as such. All goods carried or other services performed shall be subject only these conditions and the Carrier reserves the right to refuse the carriage of any class of goods as its discretion.
  1. The Consignor herby authorities the carrier if it should think fit to do so to arrange for the carriage of any goods the subject of this contract by any subcontractor or other party. Any such arrangements shall be deemed to be ratified by the Consignor upon delivery of the said goods to such subcontractors who shall thereupon be entitled to the full benefit to these terms and conditions to same extent as the Carrier in so far it may be necessary to ensure that the subcontractor shall be entitled to the benefit as if it had enter the contract for its own benefit and also as trustee for the contractor.
  1. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing no responsibility either in tort or contract or otherwise will be accepted by the Carrier for loss or damage to or mid-delivery of stock, goods, parcels, packages, crates or cases etc, the contents thereto either in transit or in storage for any reason whatsoever and any loss shall be at risk of and responsibility of the Consignor.
  1. It is agreed that the person delivering any goods to the Carrier for carriage or forwarding is authorised to sign this consignment note for the Consignor.
  1. The Consignor expressly warrants that the Consignor is either the owner or the authorised agent of the owner of any goods or property the subject matter of this contract and by entering into this contract the Consignor accepts these conditions of contract for the Consignee as well as for all other persons on whose behalf the Consignor is acting.
  1. The Consignor will be and remain responsible to the Carrier for all its proper charges incurred for any reason. If any person fails to pay charges due to the Carrier in respect of any services rendered by the Carrier on reasonable demand being made in accordance with his contract the carrier may detain and sell all or any of the goods of that persons which are in its possession and out the moneys arising from such sale retain charges so payable and all charges and expenses of the detention and sale shall pay the surplus if any of the money’s arising from the sale and of such the goods as remain unsold to the person entitled thereto. Any such sale shall not prejudice or effect charges due or payable in respect of such services of the said detention and sale.
  1. Insurance of goods will not be effected for the benefit of the Consignor except upon his or its written instructions and then only at his or its expense.

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